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Wedding Sparklers

Open any bridal magazine and you’ll see dream weddings being bedazzled with beautiful sparklers. From celebrity weddings to your own special day, wedding sparklers are a delightful way to illuminate any night-time nuptials – just imagine a honeymoon sendoff under an impromptu arch of sparklers held up by your guests. Spectacular!

If you don’t remember swirling sparklers around during your childhood, they are a nostalgic diversions that are always party-pleasers with young and old alike. Made from bamboo sticks or metal skewers, wedding sparklers are available in a variety of lengths from 10-inches to 36-inches and larger. The 36-inch variety is very popular with brides because they maximize the sparkling experience, offering up approximately 4 minutes of snazzy sparks. This gives guests ample opportunity to line up and light their sparklers before the newlyweds make their getaway. 

The long sparkle also allows the wedding photographer more precious time to set up the shot. Some great ideas for photographs with wedding sparklers include the bride and groom kissing under a canopy of sparks or sitting in a heart-shaped outline of these fireworks. Another idea is to like the “aisle” of an outdoor wedding with these wedding sparkler torches. If the camera is set with a longer shutter time, you can also swirl out words with the wedding sparklers such as the bride and groom’s names or the word “love.”

Shorter 10-inch sparklers make fun wedding favors to take home when they are grouped together and tied with ribbons in your wedding colors and include a matchbook personalized with the happy couple’s name. You can also use wedding sparklers to top off the cake for a show-stopping effect, especially at night and always outside. Ten-inch sparklers only last for about 45-seconds, so if you are using these for your get-away photos, make sure each guest has a small stock (4 or 5) on hand so they can relight a new one as the other is burning out.

If children will be using the sparkler novelties, the items made with wooden sticks are a better choice to prevent burning by the metal rod. Sparklers are the only variety of fireworks that are officially meant to be hand held, but only by adults and older children who understand the inherent risks – the tips can reach a temperature of 1000 degrees.