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If you are looking for a wonderful and whirly addition to your celebration, Spinners make an illuminating impression and keep the firework fun going around and around. Also known as “ground spinners,” these fast and furious fireworks spin around randomly on the ground – all while shooting out colorful sparks and flames for the delight of bystanders. Whether for birthday parties, New Year’s Eve shindigs or other night-time gatherings, have your guests stand in a wide perimeter around your display and watch these fun items go wild!

The design and mechanics of spinners is fairly straightforward. Made with a single tube plugged up at opposing ends with clay, spinners are then filled with a fast burning pyrotechnic compound that is lit with a fuse on one side. As the fuse ignites, the heating gases within are forced out through a small hole causing the firework to spin quickly on an axis. Without enough thrust to propel upward in the sky, the spinner just wildly flails around and around on the ground throwing out colorful sparks all over the place. Different shapes of the tube will make the spinner rotate and dance in different ways!

It should go without saying that you’ll need a big, clear area to safely set off your spinners.  But we’ll say it again; make sure that you have plenty of room and there are no people or flammable obstacles nearby. To start the fun, simply light the fuse with a punk and step back quickly while it unleashes random twirling and swirling of fireworks like found in the Ground Bloom Flowers, Jumping Jacks, Dizzy Snakes and other popular ground fireworks. Some spinners do come off the ground; for example, Helicopters, have a small flight feature that uses slanted wings to push the airflow down during rotation and thus raise the firework upward into the air. Usually near the end of spinning, these items explode with a colorful star or other pyrotechnic effect.

When lighting spinners and other fireworks, keep public safety the top concern by following the local laws regarding the use of these items in your particular area – the stipulations vary widely from place to place. Additionally, for your personal safety and the well-being of those you love, it is imperative to follow the manufacturer’s directions for lighting the pyrotechnic elements in your display. Even the most tame-looking “kiddie” fireworks can cause injury if they are mishandled or undergo a rare malfunction.