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Safe & Sane Fireworks

Safe & Sane fireworks are a great alternative to some of the more advance pyrotechnic effects that many experienced enthusiast set off. These more “entry-level” fireworks provide lots of action and excitement for the novice and occasional hobbyist and reduce the chances of accidental property damage and bodily injury. Add a little “pop” and circumstance to your next party with an array of safe and sane fireworks for your guest to enjoy.  You’ll put plenty of sizzle and snap into your night with fewer chances for burned toes or singed eyebrows!  

The term “safe and sane” fireworks became popular in the late 1950s and 1960s as way to describe those fireworks that don’t fly, travel or explode. For example, fountains, sparklers, snakes and smoke effects, ground spinners, snap pops and other novelty fireworks fit this description. However, firecrackers, rockets, roman candles, shells and other aerial effects are not usually considered safe and sane fireworks. The determination of what fireworks will bear the official “Safe & Sane” seal is determined by the state and city as every jurisdiction has its own specific definition of what are considered Safe & Sane fireworks under their laws and ordinances.

Many times you can find a great assortment of Safe & Sane fireworks to please everyone at your event. Children love to use sparklers and these hand-held fountains are fine for older kids to use when supervised by a parent for safety. You’ll find a variety of sparklers that range in color, effect and burn time – the longer the length, the longer you’ll have sparkling action. Fountains are also lots of fun, just light the fuse and step back to watch colorful sparkle jetting up from the ground – sure to get lots of “oohs and ahhs” from the audience.

Just because a firework is safe and sane doesn’t mean that you can throw all caution to the wind. First, always follow the rules governing the use of fireworks in your part of the country, regulations can vary widely.  Second, remember that you are still working with pyrotechnic compounds which include gunpowder and require an open flame or other fuse-lighting method. After these Safe & Sane fireworks are dispatched, the remnants can remain very hot for quite some time and burn curious children’s fingers. Always keep a bucket of water nearby to completely cool down and extinguish your sparklers, spinners, fountains and other Safe & Sane fireworks.