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Reloadable Shells

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If you plan on making fireworks a habit (and who doesn’t?), reloadable shells should make up a significant part of your arsenal. These aerial fireworks will let you put on quite a show time and time again, thanks to the construction of the element. A refillable tube that is anchored to a base is filled with a cartridge made of the pyrotechnic compounds needed for the effect you desire. After the fuse is lit and the mortar is launched upward, a spectacular display of fireworks will light up the sky – from chrysanthemums, dahlia, peonies or whatever you choose.

The concept for reloadable shell fireworks comes from the battlefields of wars gone by. For hundreds of years, military forces have used the projectile power of various types and designs of ammunition fired from the ground to help defend the troops. Reloadable shells imitate the projectile function of these weapons without any of the original military objectives. Instead, for the firework fan, the concept of filling a tube tightly with explosives is to have a blast – literally and figuratively!

Reloadable shells come in many sizes and effects to suit nearly every situation and circumstance that calls for fireworks – such as New Year’s Eve countdown, a 4th of July jubilee or a rock concert. You can buy an assortment of reloadable shells filled with mortars of various and assorted effects including single, double and triple breaks that will create special show. Or, reloadable shells out individually to create a custom-designed display that meets your exact specifications. With many sizes, colors and effects (such as crackling, tails, colored tips, etc), the crowds will be “oohing” and “ahhing” about your overhead entertainment.

The tubes that the pyrotechnic compounds are loaded into can be used again and again. For example an assortment pack might come with one tube and 12 cartridges to fire into the sky.  A reloadable tube is made of more durable materials and can be refilled, according to the manufacturer’s directions, with extra firework cartridges. Depending on the type of shells you are purchasing, tubes are made of cardboard, fiberglass or high density poly-ethylene. If you are looking for something more disposable, there are single use artillery shells on the market that are good for just one use.

Before lighting your reloadable shells, it is a good idea to brace the tube with dirt, sand, rocks or other substances for stability.  When lighting the fuse, make sure you are not looking down over the tube unless you want a fiery projectile flying into your face. Also, please abide by the local laws regarding fireworks in your specific location for personal and public safety.