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Party Store Fireworks

Every type of party store fireworks you can find at your local party chain can be found online – and more! Party store fireworks contain an extremely low-level of explosive powders or flammable materials and are considered legal “novelty fireworks” in most cities and states. If you don’t want to worry about driving outside the city limits or obtaining expensive permits for your celebration, consider adding party store fireworks to your event.

If you are looking for some fun, family-friendly entertainment, party store fireworks will add a little blast to the gathering. From smoke bombs to some sparklers, these entry-level pyrotechnic items are the perfect prelude to a bigger firework show if desired. Great for girls and boys of all ages (including their parents), these simple fireworks are will make any party ‘da bomb!  What better to add some hands-on party activities that gearing up your guests with party store fireworks for a birthday party, wedding reception, or New Year’s Eve countdown.

Some top choices in party store fireworks include smoke bombs, small round firework items that billow with huge quantities of smoke when ignited. Smoke bombs are available in a variety of smoke colors, red, green, yellow, purple and more. They can even be used to add a special effect to a school play or performance art production. For safety, light these fun novelties in an area free of flammables and also on a concrete, dirt or rock surface --- sometimes the dyes stain the ground

Trucks, tanks, jets and other “things that go” are also common party store fireworks.  These novelties are designed to scoot across the ground via the thrust caused by the tiny firework fountain that looks like an impressive exhaust stream but actually the effect that provides “power.” Often, moving novelties have small, sensitive wheels that can get snagged on a sidewalk – so to see your vehicle really get going, make sure it is on a completely flat surface.

Other party store fireworks include such oldies-but-goodies “snap-pops” which are like fuseless little firecrackers that make a “pop” sound when thrown on the ground. There are no visual effects, only the gun-like sound that boys go crazy for. Confetti poppers are a real blast for any party; pull a string on these nostalgic novelties and a small dose of gunpowder pops open a container holding colorful strings of confetti. Other choices for party store fireworks include sparklers, colored flame-changing powders, and even gross-out gags such as stink bombs.