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Novelty fireworks are absolutely – well, novel!  If you are looking for some good, wholesome entertainment, firework novelties will help get the party started. From sparklers to smoke bombs, these entry-level pyrotechnic items are the perfect prelude to a bigger firework show. These great-for-all-ages diversions are a good way to get the whole family involved in fireworks.

Novelties are typically made with a limited amount of pyrotechnic chemicals and are often not even considered “fireworks” in some legal jurisdictions. This has made them popular party favors for birthdays, weddings, parades, New Year’s Eve countdowns and other festive events.  Another plus about firework novelties is that they are relatively inexpensive compared to some of the more hardcore fireworks.

Sparklers are a top pick in firework novelties; you probably even have fond memories from your childhood of swirling sparklers around in your backyard.  Sparklers are made from bamboo sticks or metal skewers that are available in a variety of lengths, typically from 10-inches all the way up to an impressively long 36-inches. If children will be using the sparkler novelties, the wooden sticks are a better choice as to avoid a burn by the metal rod. Sparklers are the only variety of fireworks that are officially meant to be held, but only by adults and older children who understand the inherent risks – the tips can reach a temperature of 1000 degrees.

Other popular novelties are smoke bombs, small round firework items that emit large quantities of smoke when lit. Smoke bombs are available in a variety of smoke colors, red, green, yellow, purple and more. For safety, light these fun novelties in an area free of flammables and also on a concrete, dirt or rock surface --- sometimes the dyes stain the ground. Little military fans will love the smoke bombs that are shaped to look like grenades!

Trucks, tanks, jets and other vehicles are also common firework novelties.  They are designed to scoot across the ground via the thrust caused by the tiny firework fountain that looks like an impressive exhaust stream but is actually the effect that provides “power.” Often, these “moving” novelties have small, sensitive wheels that can get snagged on a sidewalk – so to make sure your vehicle really gets going, make sure it is on a completely flat surface. After these novelties have been used and the parent checks to make sure there is no leftover pyrotechnic residue, these items often find their way as “toys” for the kids to play with for the rest of the evening.

Other novelties include snap-pops which are like fuseless little firecrackers that make a “pop” sound when thrown on the ground. There are no visual effects, only the gun-like sound that boys love. Other top picks include strobe lights, crackling balls and special powder you can toss in a campfire to make it change colors – the kids will think you are magic!  Confetti poppers are a real blast for any celebration; pull a string on these novelty items and a little gunpowder pops open a small case filled with colorful strings of confetti.