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In the world of pyrotechnics, a missile is pretty much similar to a sky rocket, bottle rocket or other single-shot aerial element. Missiles are common fireworks that explode upward into the air and create some sort of special effect such as a twinkling sparks, a comet-like tail, loud report or some other impressive feature. Definitely popular with most every firework aficionado, missiles are also quite affordable and enable a number of rockets to be fired over one single artillery shell for a similar price. You’ll have a real blast firing off missiles; these exciting projectiles will light up a dark sky at your next night-time event. Just remember to check your state and local regulations as missiles are not always legal in all parts of the country.

Once lit, the fuse on a missile-style pyrotechnic element burns rapidly into the core of the firework where it ignites the explosive elements within – usually gunpowder made of potassium nitrate, charcoal and sulfur. The core proceeds to fill up with flames, the gunpowder is soon exposed and burned, providing heated gases that propel the missile forward by escape through the top nozzle. After the missile reaches its highest point and begins to arc downward, it will eventually fall back to the ground. One of the main differences between rockets and missiles is that missiles are typically designed with fins on the sides to assist with stability during flight; bottle rockets and sky rockets generally do not have this feature.

Missiles are available in a rainbow array of colors, reports (bangs), flashes and other effects created with special pyrotechnic ingredients added to the gunpowder at manufacturing time.  These special effects usually come into play after the missile has burned through all the gunpowder at the height of its ascent. Sure to keep you busy trying out new ones, missiles are available in singles, packs of duplicates or sets of assorted aerial fireworks.

Not to be confused with true missiles, the ever popular Saturn Missile firework is a “cake” style pyrotechnic product that launches small, self-propelled projectiles into the air which explode and whistle along the way. This fun and noisy item comes in a variety of shot quantities ranging from 25 through 750. The high-pitched whistling sound is created by the sound of air rushing through each of the partially hollow tube on the base of the cake.