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The “finale” is literally the show-stopping ending to your fireworks display. Usually this final portion of the entertainment is what the audience has been holding its collective breath in anticipation of. It is in the finales where proud pyrotechnicians shoot off some of their largest, loudest and most beautiful arrangements of fireworks. Don’t think these standing ovation worthy endings are just for the professionals; you can create a quite “grand” grand finale with a collection of the right firework elements.

“When planning finales, keep in mind that shooting off your fireworks one at a time is not going to provide the rapid and layered effect of pyrotechnic effects that everyone expects. This means that you’ll need a variety of racks and launcher; for example, a 20-shot mortar rack will let you fire off a score of aerial fireworks in quick succession. You can also find gear to incorporate for multi-shooting of fountains, Roman candles and more.  For a bigger “bang,” you may even consider fusing together several racks for a long-lasting display. Some firework enthusiasts also like to incorporate an electrical lighting system into their display to gain more control over the igniting process and keep a safe distance away from the pyrotechnic compounds.

Another not-soon-to-be-forgotten way to end the night is by creating a set piece that spells out a message, it’s really not that hard. Keeping in mind that each letter should be at least 12 x 12 inches, use a length of plywood adequately long enough to contain your message – be it, “Will You Marry Me?” or “Happy New Year.”  Mark out the letters on the board and use a drill to make holes about 1 to 2-inches apart that will accommodate a quantity of 20-inch sparklers (should make about a 2 minutes show). Snip all but about ¼-inch off the “handle” end of the sparkler and, using a hot glue gun, secure each sparkler in place. Finally, use some Quick Match fuse and hook up all the letters by snipping small holes in the fuse paper where it meets the tips of sparklers, leaving about 8” or so as your leader fuse. If necessary, use masking tape to keep fuse attached to sparklers. Light, step back and take in the spectacle of one of your best grand finales.

Get everyone in the spirit for your firework finales by adding a score; for example, Fourth of July celebrations could end with the 1812 Overture or Stars and Stripes Forever. And, some party favors such as a bundle of sparklers, confetti poppers, smoke bombs or other firework novelties and it will be a night to remember.