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Dude, it’s the assortment! The “assortment” is what every guy wants to grab when shopping for fireworks – it’s big, it’s beautiful and it’s going to make a big bang! Like a smorgasbord of explosives wrapped up into one attractive package, a fireworks assortment literally has something for everyone. Your next event will be a bang up success with a medley of best-selling fireworks – make the Fourth of July, New Year’s Eve or just a casual evening get-together something even more special.  Your guests will be lining up to get a chance to have a go at this fun, interactive form of entertainment.

Assortments are available for everyone in the family – let’s start with the kids! Children will enjoy sets of fireworks that include entry-level fireworks such as sparklers, snap-pops, and novelty items such as helicopters, spinners, pow-wows and other items that are designed to appeal to kids. Of course, with youngsters, fireworks of any kind, no matter how tame seeming, need to be used under the supervision of an adult. Light up the night of a teen or young adult with firework assortments that include the always-popular firecrackers, Roman candles, rockets, smoke bombs and other cool pyrotechnic creations. These smaller-scale explosives are sure to please those young guys and girls who are itching to play with fireworks but aren’t ready for the hardcore stuff yet!  

For the bigger kids, like all us adults who refuse to grown up, there are more action-packed assortments that will make even the hardest to excite person go ballistic – in a good way! From showy pleasers like fountains and cones to repeat wonders like multi-shot cakes and candles, you are sure to find an amped up assortment for a big night. Make it something extra special with a set that includes a real showstopper such as an artillery shell with multiple hard breaks.

When lighting the fireworks in your assortment, keep public safety a top priority by following the local laws regarding the use of these items in your particular area – the stipulations vary widely from place to place. Additionally, for your personal safety and the well-being of loved ones, always follow the manufacturer’s directions for lighting the goodies in your fire work assortment. Even the most tame-looking items can cause harm if they malfunction and are not being properly handled.