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Shooting Star Fireworks like Watching Meteors

Today, June 30th, has been listed as Meteor Day on the calendar of holidays, big and small. This may be a good night to hold off the aerial fireworks, like mortars, repeaters and even rockets and Roman candles. Don’t fret, the optional firework hiatus is just temporary so that meteors can be better seen this evening in the sky. Tomorrow resume your firework festivities as planned, by all means!

Meteors are clumps of space dust and ice that break through the atmosphere of Earth, they can be as tiny as a grain of sand or as big as a car, or bigger. When you spot a meteor streaking through the sky, people often say, “oh, it’s a shooting star.” But, now you know it’s really frozen dirt from a far, far away!

There is no guarantee you will see a meteor tonight, it’s not a meteor “storm,” just a good night to watch for them if the sky is clear. Head outside and cast your gaze to the heavens to catch a glimpse of a meteor streaking by. If you miss tonight, the Perseid Meteor shower occurs each August, the atmospheric conditions are ripe for shooting stars.

Or, you could always orchestrate your own faux meteor shower this summer. Allspark Fireworks has so many fireworks to rock your galaxy. The Silver Fox bottle rocket by Black Cat shoots off and sends a wide silver tail that swooshes through the night – ending with a big bang! Another shooting star-like firework we like is the All Silver Salute by Black Cat with three magnificent effects that sparkle, glitter and rain in silver. And, don’t forget to have the kids participate in the meteor firework fun. Traditional sparklers are bound to create excitement with youngsters as will our 3-foot long Morning Glories for older kiddos. However, please provide adult supervision and common sense when using fireworks with children.

AllSpark Fireworks is your one-stop online shop for all things firework related. Peruse our inventory any time of the day or night, at your convenience, and order everything you could ever need or wish for. No driving around searching for the right things, just put your feet up, relax and wait for delivery straight to your front door! It’s that easy!


Make Mother’s Day Sparkle

happy mothers day Make Mothers Day Sparkle

Tomorrow is Mother’s Day, what do you have planned?!  Well, we hope it is something special because this is the lady who selflessly gestated you for 40 weeks and then put up with your moods, messiness and all-about-me mindset for a minimum of 18 years.  Sure, you could take her out to brunch or make her breakfast in bed, but why not do something out-of-the-ordinary EXTRAORDINARY with these fun firework ideas:

1)      Mother’s Day Firework Show:  We don’t know of to many pubic firework shows put on in honor of Mother’s Day, but you can (and should) put together a little display of your own. With pretty fountains, blooming artillery shells and a fun assortment of novelty fireworks that she can play around with, your unique tribute to mom will certainly be remembered forever.

2)      Firework Photography Card: Use some of the tips and tricks we have talked about in the past to create a photograph that captures the light reflected from sparklers as they motion through a word or design. Try making a heart with “mom” spelled in the middle or waving the sparkler to create a flower or heart shape around yourself.

3)      Sparkling Cake: Bake a cake (or if you’re not good in the kitchen, but a store bought cake like Angel Food) and top it with sparklers as the candles. Also shoot off poppers that explode with streamers and confetti. After mom enjoys dinner, present her with this sparkling cake showpiece . . . . and remember to serve her the first slice!


This Week’s Favorite Firework Photos on Instagram

Instagram time, I’ve spent an hour looking through firework photos and these are my favorites of the week.

Love this cool light painting from @battle_burnd, he sure captures the cool things you can do with sparklers or other fireworks along with some slow-exposure photography.

firework battle burned This Weeks Favorite Firework Photos on Instagram

Looks like @pearsnisa is having a well-deserved break from a busy week. What’s better than a delicious adult-drink?  Uhhh, a beverage with a sparkler in the top!  Just a safety tip – if you try this at home, do it outside so that you don’t catch a table cloth on fire or burn little pock marks in the floor.

firework in drink This Weeks Favorite Firework Photos on Instagram

Oooooh, red smoke! Bet @scarf410 and his football buddies had a good time playing around with these smoke bombs and didn’t at all mind draining a few beer cans to use as bases.

red smoke bomb This Weeks Favorite Firework Photos on Instagram




Oh how I love my Instagram! It's fun to see photos of fireworks, I enjoy seeing the sparkly celebrations around the world and just another perspective on pyrotechnic fun. Here are my favorite firework photos from this week If you're inspired, pick up some of your own fireworks from

firework sparkler girl #Fireworkgram


firework roman candle colors #Fireworkgram

firework white sparkling #Fireworkgram

firework sparkler #Fireworkgram

firework heart sparkler #Fireworkgram


A Beer Can Might Save Your Backyard Firework Show

beer can firework A Beer Can Might Save Your Backyard Firework Show

CAN you believe it? Today, January 24th is National Beer Can Appreciation Day. This is a holiday that most of us can really support, especially if it involves downing a few cold brews in order to get a beer can to add to a tasteful collection (burp). The origins of this sort of strange holiday date back to 1935, the year when beer was first sold in cans.

Instead of pouring from a keg or growler, beer-loving gals and guys enjoy the convenience of just popping the top off an individual-sized serving. The can helps keep the precious beer inside clean, fresh, frothy and cold. Anyone can appreciate a beer can for the practicality it brings to drinking ales, stouts and lagers, but it takes a true visionary to realize that beer cans can be appreciated for uses beyond libations – namely to make shooting off fireworks easier.

A full beer can that hasn’t been opened yet can be used to anchor down supplies used in your backyard firework show. Space out a six pack along a tarp to keep it from flying away or use a single full beer to hold down the end of fuse while you pull the other end out to its final destination.
An empty beer can be filled up halfway with water and used as a vessel to douse out smaller fireworks like firecrackers and bottle rockets. It’s ALWAYS a good idea to carefully pick up expended fireworks and make sure they are fully extinguished with water – otherwise, lingering embers could possible catch trash, grass or other surroundings on fire.

An empty beer can also be filled up halfway with sand or small pebbles to hold sparklers, roman candles and bottle rockets in place before they are ignited. Keeping fireworks like this in a container (rather than your hand) prevents the chances of an injury.

So do you have any other ways to “appreciate” beer cans in the firecracker world? Let us know in the comments below.


Hey Doll, Get Your Sparklers Here

september firework doll sparkler Hey Doll, Get Your Sparklers Here

Hey doll (or dude), get your sparklers here at Sparklers really give a “spark” of excitement to the user. After all, these long sparkling sticks are the only variety of firework that is actually meant to be held in the hand.  Talk about a hands-on adrenaline rush; sparklers are flashy and fun way to add a not-so-dangerous diversion to your event. This type of “entry-level” pyrotechnic element has long been a crowd pleaser at parties, weddings and night-time shin-digs, most likely because guests of many ages can get in on the action.

Sparklers come in a range of styles, but are all the same in that they sent off fountain of sparks from the burning tip downward. While the sparks always crackle down the rod, sparklers differ in what the middle is made of as well as the color and length. The core of sparklers can be created with a wooden stick or a thick metal wire. Because sparklers made with the metal center do not completely burn away, users must be aware not to touch the dangerously hot middle – heat reaches over 1000 degrees. Sparklers with a wooden core completely burn away as the sparks move down the stick. This cuts down the chances of accidental skin burns, but users do need to be aware of the risks associated with smoldering ashes falling from the tip. Both can be used safely with proper handling.

Burn time is positively correlated to the length of the chosen sparklers; the longer the stick, the longer the burn. Available in a range of sizes; 10-inch, 20-inch and 36-inch are the most popular with consumers. In terms of burn time, ten inch sparklers burn for about 45 seconds, 20-inch sparklers for about 2 minutes and 36-inch sparklers for about 4 minutes. Knowing the burn time is helpful information if you are trying to stage a fabulous photo.

Top choices in sparkler colors are silver or gold. But if you feel a little wilder, you can find sparklers in a rainbow array of colors such as red, green and blue or even multi-color.  Some sparklers are made extra fancy and have distinct burning phases that change color and effect as the chemical compounds burn their way down the stick – like a little firework show on a stick! Check out for all your firework and sparkler needs!

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Got Some Cents? Get Some Sparkle! One Dollar or Less Fireworks

sparkler Got Some Cents? Get Some Sparkle! One Dollar or Less Fireworks

Who says a dollar doesn’t buy anything these days? At, we have amassed quite a little arsenal of fireworks that cost just one dollar or less! Wow, how can that be? Well, for one thing, we don’t have the gimmicks like those roadside stands proclaiming “Buy 1, get 12 free.” They must be charging a ginormous amount for a single firework if they can just give away free. At , we sell quality fireworks and pyrotechnic supplies at a price that is fair and straightforward. If you are on a budget, the items below are some of our favorites that cost no more than a buck. That’s easy on your wallet; load up with enough to keep the whole family happy!

Single Day Parachute: Hope floats! Our Single Day Parachute is a great way to make a kid’s day – a kid of any age! This single shot propels a tube high up into the sky; then at the apex, a parachute pops out and gently floats theparachute back down to Earth. Parachutes are a top pick in pyrotechnics for daytime use – you actually need some light to enjoy seeing them drift back down. Kids go crazy for these sky items, get a whole bunch to keep the boys busy at a birthday party, scouting activity or “just because.”

Gold Bamboo Sparkler: Get transported all the way back to your childhood with our 10” Color Sparklers. These time-honored firework novelties have been part of 4th of July celebrations for decades. Keep the ritual going sparkly strong using these sparklers which feature a gold-silver sparkle effect. These spectacular sparklers made by Black Cat are created with bamboo rod centers and last approximately 55 seconds. Use your imagination with these nostalgic sparklers, use them on birthday cakes or as a sparkly archway for the bride and groom to get their honeymoon getaway.

Small Bee Spinners: Want to make your party buzz-worthy? Our Small Bee spinners are a clever little firework that will delight old and young alike. These spinner fireworks are designed to look like a bumble bee and, when lit, buzz around busily spinning from here to there. Sparks are flying while the bee is buzzing – to much fun! Fun entertainment for the entire family -- and, you pocket book won’t be stung because these little guys are priced to stock a whole hive!

Black Snake Glow Worms: Our Glow Worm Black Snake always elicits a great response from the user – either an "oooooh" or an "ewwwwwh!" Black snakes, sometimes called glow worms, are small tablets that create a long, snaking tube as the ashes slowly burn from the glowing ember. This firework novelty does makes some smoke along with the "snaking" effect, but no actual fire or explosion. The Glow Worm Black Snake is sure to be a creepie but oh-so-cool hit with the kiddos. Six tablets per package.


Social Sparkle {June Fireworks on Instagram}

I love keeping up to date with everyone's life through pictures on Instagram -- even complete strangers. The summer season is one of the best times to see fireworks from other people's points of view and every time I check my Instagram feed lately, I've been seeing some fun and festive firework photography. loves the art capturing fireworks into photography! In fact, you can load up on sparklers, fountains, bottle rockets, mortar shells and other fireworks, and set up your own firework photography shots. In the meantime, here are a few favorites from June 2013 for inspiration:


Some scary cool fireworks shooting out of intimidating, larger-than-life masks at Defqon 1, a music festival in Austrailia:

fireworks 1 Social Sparkle {June Fireworks on Instagram}



What can I say, love is literally in the air! These heart-shaped fireworks are so pretty!

firework 1 Social Sparkle {June Fireworks on Instagram}


Still on the love theme . . . . summer romances are the best, especially with the excitement of fireworks!

firework 4 Social Sparkle {June Fireworks on Instagram}


Surprise Fireworks for Mother’s Day

rose fireworks Surprise Fireworks for Mother’s DayAttention, significant others of mothers: Making mom to breakfast in bed is a thoughtful gesture for Mother’s Day. So is sending her off for a day at the spa. While both of these tried-and-true treats are thoughtful, they can be expected as well. This year, give mom a surprise on Mother’s Day that she’ll never forget – a backyard firework extravaganza! It’s easier than it sounds to pull off a pyrotechnic shoe and fun for the kids, too!  After a quiet morning, most moms want to have a “blast” with some family fun anyway.

Step One: At least one week before Mother’s Day (on May 12th this year), order an array of fireworks for mom’s show.  Since it’s not near the 4th of July or New Year’s Eve, it can often be hard to find fireworks during the month of May. However, conveniently sells fireworks and supplies online 365 days a year. You can order anytime of the day or night and your purchases will be shipped straight to your doorstep.

Step Two: Decide which fireworks mom will enjoy the most, or get a firework assortment pack with a little of each variety. If purchasing separately, make sure to order red or pink artillery shells which burst high overhead and have sparks that look like rose petals falling down to the ground. Many moms also like firework fountains which spew out long displays of colorful sparks upward from the ground level.

Step Three:  Because the kids will want to be involved, also order several packs of firework sparklers or smaller firework novelties like party poppers. Remember: even though these novelty fireworks are less intense, children need adult supervision when using them.

Step Four: When the fireworks arrive from, hide from mom in a dark, cool and dry place. Do not keep in your car trunk, the attic, or anywhere near a water heater or other potential safety hazard.

Step Four: On Mother’s Day evening, after the sun sets, tell mom you’d like everyone to relax on the back yard patio or some other place that is clear of debris and personal property that could be harmed by fireworks. Make sure her chair is facing the horizon over which the pyrotechnics will break.


Firework Ideas for Landmark Birthdays

firework cake Firework Ideas for Landmark Birthdays

At AllSpark Fireworks, we believe landmark birthdays are a big deal and therefore exciting events should be planned. By celebrating the milestone with fireworks it some sort of unique way, you can make a long-lasting memory that will be cherished much, much more than a generic greeting card. Check out these fun ideas for using fireworks for special birthdays for your family, friends and colleagues.

10th birthday: At ten years old, a child is probably ready to handle some novelty fireworks with adult supervision. Confetti poppers are fun for all the kids to use; simply pull the string and the top pops off and confetti streamers will fly across the room to the delight of everyone.

16th birthday: Celebrate a “sweet sixteen” with pink sparklers a top the birthday girl’s cake. Just make sure that you are using the sparklers outside, we’ve heard terrible stories about sparklers burning pock marks into wood and linoleum floors. Sixteen year old boys will also like sparklers, just not in pink!

21st birthday: This is an important birthday for young adults. While officially the age of majority at 18 years, most states allow for drinking and all adult privileges at this age.  Turning 21 is like an official welcome into adulthood and nothing makes the night a bigger grown-up blast than by giving the honoree a “21 gun salute.” Try using Roman candles that have a nice, loud report to shoot off into the sky, one shot for each year.

30th birthday and each decade beyond: After a certain number of years, the amount of fireworks could create a safety hazard (half-kidding, half serious)! Instead, create awesome firework photography that the birthday man or woman can frame and keep forever. Set a camera with a long-shutter speed and have the honoree hold two long-lasting sparklers. On the count of three, the sparklers should be waived around to create the appropriate numbers. For example, a three with the right hand and a zero with the left hand. It takes a bit of coordination and you might need to snap a couple photos so have plenty of sparklers on hand!

100th birthday: A century has gone by; celebrate the centenarian with a memorable night. The 100-shot Saturn Missile shoots off one hundred separate shots up into the sky that let go with a whistle on the way up.