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Shooting Star Fireworks like Watching Meteors

Today, June 30th, has been listed as Meteor Day on the calendar of holidays, big and small. This may be a good night to hold off the aerial fireworks, like mortars, repeaters and even rockets and Roman candles. Don’t fret, the optional firework hiatus is just temporary so that meteors can be better seen this evening in the sky. Tomorrow resume your firework festivities as planned, by all means!

Meteors are clumps of space dust and ice that break through the atmosphere of Earth, they can be as tiny as a grain of sand or as big as a car, or bigger. When you spot a meteor streaking through the sky, people often say, “oh, it’s a shooting star.” But, now you know it’s really frozen dirt from a far, far away!

There is no guarantee you will see a meteor tonight, it’s not a meteor “storm,” just a good night to watch for them if the sky is clear. Head outside and cast your gaze to the heavens to catch a glimpse of a meteor streaking by. If you miss tonight, the Perseid Meteor shower occurs each August, the atmospheric conditions are ripe for shooting stars.

Or, you could always orchestrate your own faux meteor shower this summer. Allspark Fireworks has so many fireworks to rock your galaxy. The Silver Fox bottle rocket by Black Cat shoots off and sends a wide silver tail that swooshes through the night – ending with a big bang! Another shooting star-like firework we like is the All Silver Salute by Black Cat with three magnificent effects that sparkle, glitter and rain in silver. And, don’t forget to have the kids participate in the meteor firework fun. Traditional sparklers are bound to create excitement with youngsters as will our 3-foot long Morning Glories for older kiddos. However, please provide adult supervision and common sense when using fireworks with children.

AllSpark Fireworks is your one-stop online shop for all things firework related. Peruse our inventory any time of the day or night, at your convenience, and order everything you could ever need or wish for. No driving around searching for the right things, just put your feet up, relax and wait for delivery straight to your front door! It’s that easy!


Fireworks to do Over and Over on Repeat Day

Did you know that today, June 3rd, is Repeat Day? On Repeat Day, you get the chance to do things over and over again. On Repeat Day, you get the chance to do things over and over again. See what I did there?!! This means, if you like chocolate chip cookies, have one, have two, have three. If you’re going out to jog, run a mile, then another and another. I’m not sure when we’re supposed to hit the “pause” or “button” on Repeat Day, let’s just use some common sense!

Firework aficionados can optimize their appreciation of fireworks by shooting them off all night long, Repeat day is a 34-hour celebration. My take on this cyclical celebration is that the “repeat” can be repeating just one single thing, or repeating a series of things. This gives you plenty of options when planning a Repeat Day Firework Show.  Invite your friends and family over for a spectacle of sparkles and shoot off fireworks every minute on the minute – don’t be late

For the festivities, you can choose a single firework that, with just one lite of the fuse, sends out the same effect with the same noise – like a Roman candle that you hold up into the air while it sends out the same shot into the sky in repetition. Sometimes, these shots can be different colors or have slightly different effects, so if you are a stickler rules and feel like this breaches the integrity of the holiday, then look for a single color Roman candle.

Another idea is to use a large firework cake that sends out a pre-choreographed series of same or similar firework elements. At under $3, the 100-shot Magical Barrage is a super affordable repeater packing 200 grams of pyrotechnic action. I’d suggest picking up at least of half-dozen of these winners! While at just under $40, you can get the show-stopping Absolute Pyro 156s, a 500-gram cake that shoots out a seemingly never-ending barrage of 156 shots in sequence. You won’t be disappointed with either of these fun fireworks. There are many, many more repeater style fireworks at Allspark Fireworks to meet your specific needs.

Another way to get a bang (bang, bang, bang) out of Repeat Day is to light off traditional Black Cat red-wrapper firecrackers. Remember these oldies, but goodies, from the glory days? Available in various quantities, from inexpensive packs of 10 or 20 to huge rolls of 3,000 firecrackers.

Enjoy! Enjoy! Enjoy!


5 Fireworks to Put on Your Bucket List or Buy Today

 5 Fireworks to Put on Your Bucket List or Buy Today


Treat Yo’ self with Fireworks on Splurge Day

 Treat Yo self with Fireworks on Splurge Day

Do you ever see something and think “I want it, I need it” but just can’t justify the fanciness and frivolity? Whether you are considering ordering that massive piece of cheesecake after dinner or renting a flashy red sports car, today is your day to treat yo’ self and treat yo’ self right! Yup, June 18th is National Splurge Day and, in our books, a completely legitimate reason to cater to your every whim and desire – as long as legal and doesn’t put you into massive debt. Also, may we point out, that it is also Father's Day . . which validates this unusual holiday further.

For many of us, purchasing fireworks can be a splurge. Not that they are necessarily expensive, although some are, but fireworks are one of those little things that significant others don’t often understand, even going as far as to call a passion for pyrotechnics a waste and money. But on a holiday dedicated to doing what you want and to the fullest degree, we say fireworks are totally in order . . . and in excess! Get all the fireworks - whoohoo!

So, dust off that wish list of fireworks you’ve kept hidden all year, this is the time to stand up, be heard and declare to your brethren, “Let us all unite and shoot fireworks into the night”! It may be hard to narrow down your list of fireworks wants and desires and really, should you? It’s National Splurge Day after all.

I suggest starting with the small must-haves on your list and working your way higher up the firework food chain. Bottle rockets are fun but waiting for the grand finale fireworks creates heart-palpitating anticipation. Peruse items like firecrackers, novelties, and sparklers, load up your cart as you see fit with these entry-level items – the kids will love you because these can be shared under your supervision. Next, treat yourself to some of the bad boy fireworks like 500 gram cakes, huge reloadable shells, fountains and more, don’t be shy – get as many as you can afford, but don’t wait until tomorrow!

And, if you have not broken the bank yet, an eye-popping assortment package just screams splurge day. Why not get an assortment pack for yourself and one for a friend who deserves it – splurging with a friend doubles the fun . . . and fireworks that explode. So, are you convinced? Visit for a selection that will razzle dazzle even an upscale firework aficionado with the finest of taste.

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Shooting Star “Fireworks” Being Pitched for Tokyo 2020 Olympic Games

Opening ceremonies at the Olympic Games are traditionally marked with pomp, circumstance and show-stopping razzle-dazzle. For the upcoming 2020 Olympic Games scheduled in Tokyo, the kick-off entertainment may feature an artificial meteor show if a Japanese research company (ALE) wins the big. Sky Canvas is the name of this high-tech firework show, and the company says the production involves sending a satellite into space packing up to 1,000 “source particles” that are part of the secret recipe to create a shooting star.

So how will this next-level “fireworks” show work? Sources say that after the satellite reaches its path in orbit, the source particles will then be discharged via a proprietary device located onboard the craft. Once let loose from the satellite, the particles will travel through space and enter the atmosphere, functioning similar to a naturally-occurring meteor which are basically space dust and ice.

The company, whose normal focus is how to get old mission equipment and other space waste to safely burn up in the Earth’s atmosphere, plans to test launch its first “shooting star” satellite in the second half of 2017,

The man-made “shooting stars” that will be onboard have been manipulated to produce various colors based on the elements use. For example, cooper is green, lithium is pink, potassium is violet. This chemical manipulation is how pyrotechnicians create different colors for traditional fireworks too, including the fireworks sold at AllSpark Fireworks.

So, who will see this human-engineered meteor storm? If everything goes as planned the “show” will be seen from the Olympic stadium in Tokyo and in a 62 mile-radius surround area, potentially reaching 30 million in-person views. Get your lawn chairs ready if you live in and around Tokyo, Japan!

If looking to make your own display of meteor-like fireworks, our display fireworks rival the best of the best and are, shall we say, “out of this world.”  Incorporating a variety of pyrotechnic elements into your firework show how to make a lasting impression. Try ground fireworks ranging from fountains, spinners and wheels to aerial fireworks including artillery shells, missiles and Roman candles. Shop morning or evening to find the fireworks and supplies (like fuse and punks) you need to make your own show of shooting stars.


Summer Lovin’ – Six Fireworks to Buy Online NOW

 Summer Lovin’ – Six Fireworks to Buy Online NOW

Celebrate summer as it should be celebrated – with lots of fun fireworks. We’ve rounded up six warm-weather inspired fireworks that will take you back to memories of the lake, the amusement park, camping in the wilderness and more. And, you can also save more of those precious summer minutes by shopping online from your home anytime you like. Selections from are shipped straight to your door while you lounge around in the hammock, jump off the dock, lay out by the pool or kick it up in the cabana!


a million lightening bugs firework 150x150 Summer Lovin’ – Six Fireworks to Buy Online NOWMillion Lightening Bugs This Saturn missile will remind you of catching lightening bugs in a jar in your youth. With a nod to heart-warming nostalgic memories, this fun item launches upward over the horizon with awesome effects. Million Lightening Bugs is a 200-gram cake comprised of 300 shots that twist, turn and crackle in the sky like a swarm of these summer time bugs. For the finale, massive groups of screeching and crackling “bugs” take over the night sky in a swarm. Made by Black Cat and perfect for your backyard firework show this summer.


roller coaster firework 150x150 Summer Lovin’ – Six Fireworks to Buy Online NOWRoller Coaster Fountain Fasten your seat belt, this fountain is a wild ride! The Roller Coaster Fountain offers a rush of adrenaline thanks to the ups, downs and twisting all-arounds! Spewing out an amusement park like rainbow of candy-colored effects such as strobing flares, crackles, whistles, glitters, chrysanthemums and more. The fun packaging of this pyrotechnic item is made to look just like an old rickety roller coaster you might find on an old-fashioned boardwalk. A real June, July and August sensation by Black Cat.


underwater fury firework 150x150 Summer Lovin’ – Six Fireworks to Buy Online NOWUnderwater Fury This big fountain unleashes the wrath of the great, deep sea thanks to bright colors are roaring noise. Tropical reds, greens, golds, purples and blues combine in swimming schools of flames and sparks on this amazing fountain firework. Made by Black Cat with care and quality, you are sure to make waves and earn raves with your audience!


shark bit firework 150x150 Summer Lovin’ – Six Fireworks to Buy Online NOWShark Bite Even if you don’t get in the water, you may still get a Shark Bite! This massive 500-gram cake from Black Cat delivers nearly all the heart-beating frenzy that you’d get if you face a Great White face to face. More fun and frightening, this one is good for your 4th of July party or any summer celebration.



lady bug spinner firework 150x150 Summer Lovin’ – Six Fireworks to Buy Online NOWLadybug How cute are the three little ladybug spinners?! The kids will love to help with these lower-key red spinners that buzz, hop and skip around on the ground shooting out sparks and noise. Stock up on this cute novelty to use from Memorial Day through Labor Day– ladybugs are good luck!



great america firework 150x150 Summer Lovin’ – Six Fireworks to Buy Online NOWGreat America  Show off your patriotic side on Independence Day with this 500-gram cake consists of nine shots that are perfect for your 4th of July finale. These mortars decked out in red, white and blue for good ole USA shoot off high in the air in, you guessed it – RED, WHTE & BLUE.



Summer Sparklers

 Summer Sparklers

I love whomever thought of sparklers, they are a rite of passage for kids in the summer! I have such fond memories of childhood summers at the beach and my dad allowing us our own special fireworks “just like the big kids.”  We’d stand in the sand, with the surf just barely kissing our toes, while dad would hand me and my brother a long sparkler. We were bursting with excitement, but tried our best to contain squealing and jumping up and down, mainly because of the semi-stern look on Dad’s face. We didn’t want the sparkler privilege revoked because we were being too wiggly or too wild. Sparkler-ing was serious business.

I always imagined my sparkler to be a glittering magic wand, as if I was in some fairy tale where I was a magic princess. Naturally, my brother’s sparkler was always wielded in the fashion of a sword or gun. Ahh, but we had fun, despite the differences. Our father would light the sparklers with his punk and tell us to keep our fingers down low on the stick and not to wave the sparkler around our face, hair or clothes – or anyone else’s for that matter. My brother had a harder time understanding that safety mandate!

I’m a parent now myself, and my kids are pretty much grown. But when they were younger, we enjoyed these entry-level fireworks during summer camping trips to the lake or river.  I think the fascination with sparklers is that all the “action” is right there in your hand rather than just watching fireworks exploding in the sky while sitting faraway on a blanket.

Sparklers are available in a variety of styles, but all spew off a fountain of sparks and crackling noise from the burning tip, moving downward toward the handle. Sparklers can be fashioned a couple ways, with the core either being a wooden stick or a thick metal wire. Extra caution must be observed with wire core sparklers as the middle can become dangerously hot with temperatures in excess of 1000 degrees. Sparklers with a wooden core completely burn away as the sparks move down the stick, when the sparks and crackles are done, all that remains are a bit of handle. Wood cores lessen the chance for accidental skin burns. However, the smoldering ashes falling from the tip can burn, so keep an eye on where they are falling. Both types of sparklers can be used safely with proper handling and adult supervision.

The most popular picks for sparkler colors are silver or gold. Those who prefer bright colors can find sparklers in a rainbow assortment of hues such as red, green and blue or even multi-color.  Occasionally you can find a fancy sparkler that change colors as it moves through the burning process. As with other fireworks, the colors of sparklers area dictated by the types of chemicals and elements that are mixed in with the powder. For example, copper chloride produces blue and sodium nitrate produces yellow.

Visit to pick up some sparklers for your 4th of July, summer wedding and special birthday celebrations.


Get Dad Fireworks for Father’s Day

 Get Dad Fireworks for Fathers Day

When it comes to Father’s Day gifts, forget about grill tools, don’t even consider a tacky tie, and give a big no-no to yard equipment. Giving a lawn mower to dad on this special day is like presenting mom a vacuum cleaner for Mother’s Day. Just don’t, if you know what’s good for you! That bottle of aged scotch might still be nice and, as for the handmade crafts from the kids, they are so sentimental and will make dad smile – especially if attached to a big package of fireworks!

That’s right, fireworks! Father’s Day is in just under two weeks and it’s time to get serious about what to get dear ole dad. While most parents don’t want or need material things, they’ve collected enough over a lifetime. That’s why “consumables” seem to be popular, stuff like a bottle of liquor, a shipment of steaks or assortment of fine cigars. By any definition, a firework is considered a consumable product . . . . meaning, once you use it, it is gone.

Load up dad with fireworks and watch him smile in gratitude and gleeful anticipation as he tears into the box. I like to give my dad all the fireworks that are his tried and trues, like  Black Cat Bottle Rockets and pretty much any artillery shell. But, I also like to treat him to an Assortment pack so he can find some new favorites or get him a big ticket item on his wish list that he’s dreamed of but never purchased for himself because other budget items took precedence (like that lawn mower).  This year, the surprise firework I’m going to wrap up for Father’s Day is the Pyro Storm Assortment, an eye-popping package of fountains, sparklers and novelties that he can share alongside his grandkids!

Shopping at Allspark Fireworks for Father’s Day fireworks puts that good comment sense that pop taught you into play. Instead of hunting down the right fireworks all over town and hoping the store doors have opened for the season, you can peruse the thousands of fireworks available for order online at Shop any time of the day or night at your own convenience and have the fireworks shipped straight to your front door


20 Patriotic Songs for Summer Fireworks

statue liberty patriotic 20 Patriotic Songs for Summer Fireworks

With Flag Day on June 14th, Independence Day on July 4th and all sorts of summer events across the country, you are likely tuning up for an epic outdoor celebration or two. Parties from coast to coast traditionally are capped off by a firework show, and the right music helps to evoke a patriotic feeling. While watching fireworks burst into an array of colors and sparkles is an amazing, memorable experience in its own right. However, setting the show to a specially-chosen soundtrack multiplies the sensory experience and can help set the tone you want – upbeat, rousing, emotional, fun, heartwarming and so on.

Whether you have a big firework display planned with 500 gram cakes, fountains, artillery shells, and mortars or a smaller “show” with the family or neighbors with smaller fountains, sparklers and spinners, the spirited songs below will definitely get you in the patriotic party mood! And, don’t forget, you need to ramp up the volume and beat for the grand finale! After the firework show, your friends and family may like to hang around and show off their best dance moves! There’s a little something for everyone’s musical tastes on this list – just like there’s a little something for everyone at Allspark Fireworks.

20 Patriotic Songs for Firework Shows

  1. Born in the USA – Bruce Springsteen
  2. Party in the USA – Miley Cyrus
  3. American Girl – Tom Petty and Heartbreakers
  4. Firework – Katy Perry
  5. I Am a Patriot - Little Steven
  6. Rockin’ in the Free World – Neil Young
  7. Red, White & Blue – Lynyrd Skyndrd
  8. God Bless the USA – Lee Greenwood
  9. Made in America – Toby Keith
  10. Back in The USA - Chuck Berry
  11. U.S. Male - Elvis Presley
  12. Surfing USA – Beach Boys
  13. American the Beautiful – Ray Charles
  14. Dancing in The Street - Martha & The Vandellas
  15. Living in America - James Brown
  16. (You Can Still) Rock in America - Night Ranger
  17. We’re an American Band – Grand Funk Railroad
  18. Kids in America – Kim Wild
  19. What a Wonderful World – Joey Ramone
  20. Stars & Stripes Forever -  John Phillip Sous
  • Bonus: All the Military Anthems

 Do you have any patriotic song to add to this list? Please share!


Quiet Fireworks – Sleeping Babies, Scared Kids & Skittish Pets  

 Quiet Fireworks   Sleeping Babies, Scared Kids & Skittish Pets  

Fireworks are at the top of my list, I love them! No July 4th celebration would be complete without a kaleidoscope of colors skittering across the night sky.  When I was footloose and fancy free, only responsible for myself, my firework selections had only two requirements 1) big and 2) loud. And, the louder the better – let’s let people know the party’s going on!

However, as more and more grown up responsibilities were thrust upon me, like dog ownership and parenthood (and even being a good neighbor), I realized that I had to consider the safety and well-being of other people in my life. For example, sleeping babies. New moms and dads will agree, you emphatically do not want to disturb a sleeping baby. The will likely be startled by the loud pops, screeches and whistles of popular pyrotechnics and wake up crying, resisting any attempts to go back in the crib – this is a real party buster.  Many toddlers and older children are sennsory overloaded by the noise of fireworks as well.

Additionally, many dogs are terrified of booms, bangs and vibrations cause by fireworks. In fact, according to the ASCPA, nearly one-in-five lost pets goes missing after being scared by the sound of fireworks, thunderstorms or other loud noises. In the case of fireworks, pets don’t understand that the cacophony is all in fun. It’s best to give your dog shelter indoors during firework shows, keep them kenneled outdoors, or use fireworks that don’t make a ton of bone-rattling noise.

“Quiet” and “Silent” fireworks are meet-in-the-middle alternatives that will allow you to still have some firework fun without disturbing noise-sensitive youngsters, pets and even wildlife.  In fact, several towns and venues around the world have been mandating quiet or low-noise displays. While there is still a time and place for traditional noisy fireworks, it’s good to know you can turn the volume down a notch with many other firework options. Here are a few that I like to incorporate into my Independence Day and other summer celebrations:

quiet fountain firework Quiet Fireworks   Sleeping Babies, Scared Kids & Skittish Pets  

Quiet Fountain  - From Black Cat, this low-noise fountain sends out spewing sparks in a variety of colors. So spectacular, you won’t even miss the noise!




sky latern quiet firework 150x150 Quiet Fireworks   Sleeping Babies, Scared Kids & Skittish Pets  Sky Lanterns – Making virtually no noise at all, sky lanterns are like little hot air balloons that float through the sky – completely mesmerizing!





shut up low noise quiet firework 150x150 Quiet Fireworks   Sleeping Babies, Scared Kids & Skittish Pets  Shut Up – Enjoy 70 seconds of low-noise fun with this fun fountain that whooshes with streams of glitter, colorful sparks and yellow flowers that land on the ground.