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BBQ Blast Backyard Firework Party

burger beef firework BBQ Blast Backyard Firework Party

May is National Barbeque Month, the unofficial start of the summer grilling and smoker season and great excuse to take leisure time activities outdoors. Why not tastefully season the good grub, warm weather and gathering of friends and family with a post meal fireworks show?! While the ribs, brisket and links cook “slow and low” on the grill, a “high and fast” show of sparkly snaps crackles and pops will perfectly punctuate the night sky.  Here are some family fun ideas for your BBQ Blast Backyard Party:

1.  Give the kids jars and let them catch fireflies, natures tiniest little fireworks. Adults will love our Firefly firework, a 16-shot cake that shoots out shells that sparkle in red and silver.

2.  Send off Sky Lanterns, like tiny hot air balloons, that guests have written a special thought or wish on on, like a “message in a bottle.”

3.  Add sparklers to your dessert like  chocolate cake, apple cobbler, banana pudding or whatever pairing you prefer with a barbeque dinner. Since you’ll be celebrating outdoors, there’s no worry of pock-marking the floors with errant sparks.

4.  Send guests home with party favors including small firework novelties . . and of course, leftover burgers, steaks and hot dogs!

5.  Purchase an assortment pack of fireworks for your event so you get to sample a little of everything. Try the Party Pack 6 for a great entry level or the huge King of the Block assortment from Black Cat that has nearly everything.

6.  Add a grand finale to your firework show that your guests will remember all year! Multi-shot cake fireworks make great grand finales because they are pre-fused to send firework after firework into the sky with only one light of the fuse.  Check out the Black Cat 1000 Professional with six distinctly different and beautiful aerial shots. Also, for a long-lasting display, the Absolute Pyro 156 sends off a sequence of 156 (!) gold and silver willow tail fireworks into the sky – it’s quite a sight!


Happily Ever After Disney Summer Firework Show

disney happily ever after fireworks Happily Ever After Disney Summer Firework Show

I truly believe that The Disney World Resort is one of the happiest places on Earth, just as they advertise. Now the happy is even happier thanks to a new firework show, “Happily Ever After,” creating magic and memories in an 18-minute firework, light, laser and projection show suitable for the entire family. It recently debuted in May 2017 at the Magic Kingdom Park in Orlando.

This once-upon-a-time tale features an assembled cast of familiar characters ranging from the good Aerial from “Little Mermaid and Woody from “Toy Story” to the ironically evil Malevolent from “Sleeping Beauty.” You’ll laugh, you’ll cry, you’ll smile and fill your heart with happiness as the plot unfolds with twists an turns. And, of course, there will be plenty of “oohs and ahhs” and maybe even jumping out of your seat thank to the spectacle of colorful choreographed fireworks set to many of the signature Disney songs.

Viewing one of Disney’s firework shows is the perfect ending to a fun-filled and tiring day in the amusement park. Families can meet up, get off their feet, grab a snack or dinner and relax under the overhead artistry of these highly entertaining shows. It’s also a way for you to get more bang from your entertainment buck at this expensive park as admission is included with your regular park pass.

If you are not heading to Disney this summer, fret not my friend. You can create your own “happily ever after” show with a party of pyrotechnics in your own backyard. Allspark Fireworks has an enormous and amazing selection of fireworks suitable for home use including sparklers, novelties and firecracker the kids will love and bigger aerial fireworks, fountains, and lots of “big kid” fireworks new for 2017 that dad, mom and the big kids will go crazy for.

Get summer started STAT and order online today! Your selections are shipped straight to your front door in time to make your dreams come to life!


Awesome Drone View of Firework Show

There’s a good chance you’ve seen this Youtube video of a drone flying through a firework show – to date, it’s had more than 15 million views.  Sit back, turn off the lights and watch in HD. It will be one of the best firework show experiences of your life, and you didn’t even have to battle the downtown crowds to get a good spot to sit.

This four-minute video set to inspirational music was made using a DJI Phantom 2 drone outfitted with a GoPro Hero 3 Silver, new gear is available now but this video does a really great job of capturing what it would be like to have a bird’s eye view of a firework show. And, amazingly, the equipment wasn’t damaged by all the flying debris and explosions.

We’re tempted to give our next backyard firework show the same special treatment with a display of the artillery shells and 500 gram cakes we have in inventory. Right now, I’m feeling torn between the job of lighting the fireworks or being at the helm of the drone.  Either way, I feel an Academy Award coming on!

Whether you are capturing your firework display with a Go-pro’d drone or just a cell phone camera, Allspark Fireworks has everything you need to make a bright, colorful blast.  Shop right from your home or office anytime of the day or night and the fireworks you select will be shipping straight to your doorstep. The perfect, time-saving solution for upcoming Memorial Day, 4th of July, baseball parks and other summer celebrations.


Pros & Cons of Firework Assortment Packs

Ahh, the massive firework assortment pack. I’m drawn to it like a moth to a flame. Thankfully, giving into my lust for a big box of fireworks has yet to be my final fate, as the flame usually is for the poor moth. However, there can be some pro and cons to buying an assortment pack over buying individual fireworks “a la carte.’ I give you the rundown below, but either way you come out a winner because “Hey, fireworks”!

big city display firework Pros & Cons of Firework Assortment Packs

Variety: The pro with an assortment bundle is that you get a little of this and a little of that, making it perfect for the person who can’t make up his mind or is new to the hobby of fireworks and wants to eat off the sampler platter until deciding his favorite “menu” items. This leads me to the con. If you are someone who knows exactly what they want and what you want isn’t in the box, it’s obviously not for you!

Price: The pro with firework assortment packs is that they typically cost less, piece-by-piece, than if purchasing each firework individually. If you know you’ll enjoy every firework in the collection, then it’s a great deal and can help you stretch your firework budge. The con is that because sold as a “set,” the up-front purchase price can be intimidating. For example, Black Cat’s King of the Block goes for $399 – that’s a big chunk of change out of pocket, but worth it if you want a big bang for your buck. But, also the Kids Pack Assortment is only $9.99 and gets lot of great customer reviews.

Wow-factor: The pro here is that an assortment pack of fireworks has a huge wow factor. If there’s anything better than a firework, it’s lots and lots of different types of fireworks all boxed up for your fancy. Just watch your neighbor’s jaw drop when you pull out an assortment pack at the next 4th of July cul-de-sac party. Some of these collections are huge, measuring 3 to 4 feet tall and taller! If variety is the spice of life then a fireworks assortment will keep the season from getting boring. The con for this is non-existent, I can’t think of a single reason you wouldn’t say wow!


Five Steps to a DIY Home Firework Show

Have you been dreaming of hosting a firework show for a special event and the time has finally come? Whether a wedding, 4th of July neighborhood jubilee, sporting half-time show or shindig of some other nature, there are tried-and-true steps to follow to ensure safety and a stunning display. Below are Five Steps to a DIY Firework Show that will help you get ready for your big day . . . err, make that night!

pexels photo 27843 1024x682 Five Steps to a DIY Home Firework Show

Learn local laws: The purchase and use of fireworks are heavily regulated and vary greatly from state to state, county to county. Get online a do a little research about fireworks laws and ordinances, what types are permitted in your area, and how, if needed, to secure any sort of required permitting.

Pick the venue: Once you have confirmed that your area allows the use of pyrotechnics, choose a venue. This may be a backyard, park, golf course or other open area free of excessive foliage and underbrush. Of course, if you do not own the property, you will need to secure permission and follow any rule that the landowner has set forth (in addition to governmental ordinances).

Set your budget: Before you begin a shopping spree, make a range of much you want to spend and stick to that budget. It can also be helpful if you break up your budge into categories. For example, I want to spend 10% on sparklers, firecrackers and novelties; 15% on fountains and spinners; 25% on rockets and roman candles, 30% on aerial cakes and mortars; and the final 20% on the grand finale firework.  Also remember to set aside a small amount for supplies like fuse, punks, torches, and such.  All of these fireworks and supplies are available at

Write Out Plan: While you can just wing it at your firework show, more engaging events have been meticulously planned and choreographed, some even set to music. Even if you’re just hosting a backyard extravaganza, you should still consider yourself a professional (albeit, unpaid!) and write down the set

Safety First: To ensure your firework show is a success, follow all the safety precautions set forth by your venue and listed on the firework manufacturer’s instructions. For example, you should always have a large bucket of water on hand to douse exploded fireworks and duds, and also a fire extinguisher or two at an arm’s length. Make sure that your audiences is sitting back a safe distance before you start the show, at least 50 feet. Also, for your personal safety, it is recommended to wear earplugs and goggles and avoid loose-fitting, flowing clothing that could catch fire.

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5 Ways to Save on Fireworks


With summer approaching faster than a lit fuse, you’ve probably been thinking about one of America’s favorite forms of warm-weather entertainment – watching firework shows. You know what’ even better than watching firework shows? Putting on one of these sparkly shindigs in your own backyard or other appropriate venue! However, the anticipated expense of putting on a personal firework event often stops enthusiasts in their tracks. But, today I’m sharing 5 Ways to Save on Fireworks and keep your wallet from blowing up!

pexels photo 27240 1024x681 5 Ways to Save on Fireworks

Buy Fireworks Online: Purchasing fireworks online, at sites like Allspark Fireworks, has a huge selection of pyrotechnic products at fair and reasonable prices. There are none of the obnoxious promotions that you see at roadside vendors like “Buy One, Get 12 Free,” but the first one costs a small fortune.  Instead, buying fireworks online allows you to skip the middle man and get a great deal with none of the bait and switch. Plus, you also save money by not wasting your time and gas driving all over town – or to the outskirts of the county.

Stick to Favorites: It’s tempting to buy up all the colorful fireworks with names that make promises they may or may not keep. However, the “one of this and one of that” mentality can really start to take a toll on your budget, especially if you’re not sure you will like the actual effect of the firework. Instead, stick to those tried-and-true fireworks that have performed well for you in past years. That being said, I do allow a little wiggle room in my firework budget for experimentation, but I cap it to 10% of my budget so that I don’t go crazy! Another idea is to check out what the neighbor is shooting off. If you see one you really like, get the name of it and add it to your list.

Buy in Bulk: Often a vendor will provide a discount for buying fireworks in bulk or offer other incentives such as free shipping. Even if the merchant isn’t offering an advertised “discount” for bulk purchases, remember that often online, the lowest point is already being met.  If you buy in bulk, don't miss the next tip.

Learn How to Store: Normally, I wouldn’t advise on stocking up on fireworks, there are safety issues and also just the unknown of humidity or other moisture running the products. However, if you follow proper and safe storage tips (I’ve outlined in a past blog post here), you can buy extra of your favorite fireworks to enjoy at the next big holiday such as 4th of July or New Year’s Eve.

Don’t Get Ripped Off: Often it’s “Buyer Beware” when it comes to fireworks. Shady, fly-by-night resellers pop up on the side of the road selling who knows what to anyone who will stop by. Their products likely do not have a brand name such as Black Cat and there is no telling where they came from or if they are at all safe. They could have water damage, have been bent during storage, be made with inferior ingredients, be past-past-past season and so on. One of the ploys to sell them, as I mentioned earlier, is advertising huge sales like “Buy ONE, get a DOZEN free.”  When a deal seems too good to be true, it likely is.


How To Store Unused Fireworks  

If you have leftover fireworks from an event or just decided to stock up for an upcoming holiday that’s still a month or more away, you may be wondering how to safely store these precious pyrotechnic commodities. If you want to keep your fireworks in mint condition and avoid damage to person or property, follow these helpful tips on storing unused fireworks.

metal trunk fireworks How To Store Unused Fireworks  


Choose Proper Location – The area you store fireworks should be cool, low-humidity and free of any possibility of flooding or dripping water. Water and moist conditions will damage your fireworks and create a safety hazard if you unwittingly try to light them. If you find fireworks that are dry, but show signs of water damage (such as bleeding dye or a rumpled texture) discard of them immediately. Also of utmost importance is to choose a location that is not near a source of possible ignition. Do not store near exposed wires, water heaters, gas heaters, propane tanks and so on.

Container Considerations – Do not use a cardboard box as your firework storage container. Not only does it add fuel to a fire if such a disaster should happen, cardboard is also not impermeable to water. Ideally choose a metal storage container to pack up fireworks, taking care not to overpack the box and crush (thus ruin) fireworks in the lower layers. If a metal trunk or container isn’t available, a plastic storage container with lid is the second-best choice.

Secure Storage Area – Keep fireworks in a room, closet or drawer that can be secured with a lock, if needed. Curious children are drawn to fireworks like ants to a picnic, so it’s best not to have any temptations they can get into while you are away. Also, as another security / safety measure, keep a fire extinguisher near the storage area.

With these simple precautions, fireworks can be saved for use on a later date such as the Fourth of July or New Year’s Eve. Regardless of the occasion, All Spark Fireworks has everything you need, from firecrackers to aerial fireworks for your next big event.


I Know, Let’s Fire Off Every Firecracker We Can Find

Wow lol this is crazzy!!

A post shared by P a k i s t a n W a l a y (@pakistan.walay) on

How else could a weekend be better spent that setting off thousands and thousands of firecrackers at one time?! This video from Instagram caught our attention because of all the red "litter" on the street. We were horrified that so much trash would be scattered with trash cans surely found within walking distance. However, upon realizing that the mess was a mother load of firecrackers waiting to be lit, we were all like "yaaaaaaaaas, wait for it"!

On the given cue, several dudes light fuse from their appointed location and withing a minute all of the firecrackers have exploded in an explosive wave with with rolling flames and smokes. Cell phones recording away like crazy to capture this audacious firework stunt. Thankfully most of the people decided to jump back a few feet at the start of the pop, pop, popping.

Watching this video leaves us scratching our heads about a few things. Did that huge explosion of fireworks turn the town square into a furnace room. We imagine that the air temperature went up significantly, but we  saw no one pull off their coats as it happened so quickly. Also, just how many firecrackers went into the making of this epic event? One thousand, ten thousand . . .or more?

At All Spark Fireworks, you can find firecrackers in a wide assortment of counts, from small little packages with 10 or 20 firecrackers to massive rolls with 1,000, 4,000 and even 16,0000 firecrackers fused together. We carry popular brands like Black Cat, Little Dynamite and more. Stock up on firecrackers now for the 4th of July and other summer celebrations.


Firework Inspired Food for Your Summer Party

On the heels of summer, all the big consumer food companies and smaller niche brands start to roll out firework themed edible products left and right. We can’t blame corporate enthusiasm for such marketing tactics. From Memorial Day through the Fourth of July and all the way to Labor Day and back-to-school, what kid or grown-up doesn’t love the association between good old summertime fun that anything associated with fireworks conjured up?! Any of these treats I mentioned may just skyrocket the success of your next backyard cookout and firework show!

bomb pop Firework Inspired Food for Your Summer Party

Bomb Pops: My first memory with any type of snack that mimicked fireworks was the Bomb Pop, that missile-shaped frozen treat striped in red, white a blue. We’d lick those pops sitting out by the pool trying to beat the heat in melting them. Really, the sun never stood a chance as we greedily gobbled them up.

pop rocks Firework Inspired Food for Your Summer Party

Pop Rocks: A little later in my life I was introduced to Pop Rocks, a candy that didn’t particularly resemble fireworks, but ignited an explosion of sugar that sure reminded me of a sparkler. I was always curious how this novelty candy created a firework like explosion on my tongue and found out that Pop Rocks are manufactured with carbon dioxide gas to create tiny high-pressure bubbles that get trapped inside the little sugary clumps. When your saliva melts away the sugar, the little crackling pops go into action!

firework oreo Firework Inspired Food for Your Summer PartyFirework Oreos: This month, Nabisco is rolling out another summer-inspired Oreo flavor – Firework. Past seasonal flavors have included Watermelon and Swedish Fish, but this new Firework variety may be the winner of summer. The exterior remains the two traditional chocolate wafers, but inside the creamy center is filled with rainbow-hued flecks that crackle and pop with each bit So, who does this creamy center work? Just imagine pop rocks stirred into frosting – genius!

Set out a display of these firework food treats at your burger or hot dog buffet and the kids will go crazy – even the big kids! Of course, to keep the firework fun propelled forward at your summer party, you’ll want to have plenty of entry-level fireworks on hand for parents to help their children with such as sparklers, snap pops, and other novelties from All Spark Fireworks.

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Fireworks for Wedding Memories

wedding firework 1024x749 Fireworks for Wedding MemoriesPut even more sparkle into your special day with fireworks; it’s one of the most enduring trends in the wedding industry. Seems all the glitterati have or are planning to incorporate pyrotechnic elements in wedding celebrations. Famous royals like Prince William and Kate have used fireworks and, no doubt Pippa Middleton, sister of the Duchess of Cambridge, will do the same later at her nuptials this year. Actors, from Neil Patrick Harris to George Clooney, love to up the showmanship of the night by sparkling up the night sky with fireworks. Even the country club set like the pair up firework shows with wedding vows – the golf course makes a perfect backdrop for the display.

While the wedding firework extravaganzas put on by celebrities can cost a pretty penny and are almost all exclusively designed and executed by professional pyrotechnicians, you can still put some wow into your wedding at an affordable price thanks to All Sparks Fireworks.

But, even if you can’t shell out the money for big-bucks professional aerial displays, you still incorporate firework elements into your wedding ceremony.


There are many ways to incorporate fireworks in a reasonably-priced wedding. You can create a special “event” as part of the reception, perhaps near the end of the party, where guests move outside, enjoy a special cocktail toast and watch a show of fireworks picked out to honor the bride and groom.  You can also use firework fountains to create a memorable backdrop that are set off right after you and your betrothed finish exchanging vows and partake in the traditional kiss! That will be the kiss of a lifetime!

Sparklers are also popular in weddings, and are sure to fit your budget. Make your honeymoon getaway under an archway of flickering little flames created by sparklers. This is a unique alternative to tossing rice or even blowing bubbles. This firework archway also makes for a beautiful photo element that your wedding day photographer can capture on his camera and you can keep forever. Also, if a long shutter speed is deployed on the camera, words such as “love” or the names of the happy couple can be imaginarily written out in the air! The result is a unique photo with a sparkling message.

At All Spark Fireworks, you’ll find a huge array of fireworks appropriate for your wedding. So many colors, sizes and displays that you’ll be saying “I do, I do, I do”!

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