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Happy 4th of July from

july 4 Happy 4th of July from


Have a blast this weekend, but remember to be safe!


5 Ways to Make Summer Fireworks More Fun

firework glasses 5 Ways to Make Summer Fireworks More Fun

  1. Wear glasses that make everything reflect with colorful prisms. You can often find these fun glasses at party stores for just a buck or two. They also take looking at Christmas lights to a whole new level!
  2. Make watching fireworks an in-person, live event. Don’t watch fireworks on television, gather up your family and friends and head to a local event – better yet, stock up on fireworks from and make your OWN firework display!
  3. Add a musical score to your firework experience to delight more than one sense. While your eyes are ogling the colorful sparks your ears will be inspired by patriotic pumping from your iPod playlist. Check out one of our past blog posts on how to make a musical score for your firework display.
  4. Stock up on all your favorite fireworks like sparklers and firecrackers – but also try some fireworks that are new to you! You’ll never know what will become the next best thing in your 4th of July firework show.
  5. Make memories of your firework fun with special photography. You don’t have to be a professional photographer to take quality photos of fireworks.  One of the easiest projects is to combine long-lasting sparklers with a low exposure shutter speed on your camera. We describe how to do this firework light art in a past blog post on sparkler writing– check it out and get inspired for the 4th of July.

How to Protect Dogs Afraid of Fireworks

dogs and indpendence day fireworks How to Protect Dogs Afraid of Fireworks

Summer season is here which means it’s time to think about keeping your dog safe during the many firework events this time of year. While my not-gun-shy, bird dog may be the exception, most dogs are not big fans of fireworks. Just imagine the world as you know going crazy with fire in the sky and startling loud noises – you would be freaking out and heading for the hills!  Well, that’s exactly what happens to many pets. Dogs are frightened by the noise and light and try to run away, shaking or barking with anxiety, hiding, biting or act out in other ways. Really, can you blame them?

That’s why before a firework-fueled holiday comes on the calendar; you need to take some time to help your dog cope with the situation.  Ideally, you could train your dog as a puppy to tolerate loud noises through selective exposure. However, this is not a reality for grown dogs or people without time to devote to training. More immediate actions can be taken to protect your pet during Fourth of July events and other firework shows.

First, make sure your dog is in a secure location when there will be nearby fireworks. Often a backyard will not suffice; a dog under extreme duress may dig under or jump over the fence to escape – think dog adrenaline! If you know your dog is frightened of noise, make sure that he remains inside during these events – and, actually, the dog will feel more secure kept in a kennel. As a precaution, double check to see that your pet’s collar tags are in place and up to date just in case he does get loose. If the fear of fireworks problem persists, seek the advice of your veterinarian who may be able to offer anxiety medications or other behavioral tips.


Best Firework Shows in the USA

fireworks america washington dc Best Firework Shows in the USA

With the 4th of July approaching quickly, we decided to poll friends about the most awesome place to watch an Independence Day firework show. As you can imagine, there are hundreds of amazing firework extravaganzas being held from coast to coast, both in big cities and small towns.

Many professional firework shows were name, but we’ve only room to report a handful. For example, one of the biggest and best Fourth of July firework shows is the “Macy’s 4th of July” celebration in New York City where more than 2 million live spectators and 12 million television viewers gawk in awe at 40,000 fireworks launched over the historic Hudson River. Can you even imagine the awe and wonder our founding fathers’ would have over this type of over-the-top to-do! Other elaborate Fourth of July firework shows include “Pops Concert at the Esplanade” in Boston, “Welcome America!” in Philadelphia, “Freedom Over Texas” in Houston and more.

The photograph above shows another inspiring firework show, the “Independence Day Celebration” in Washington, D.C. Our nation’s capital is home to an all-day, patriotic celebration of the USA and begins with a parade down Constitution Avenue and ending with a moving and emotional display of fireworks over the Washington Monument.  Watching 4th of July fireworks in Washington, D.C. is definitely one of those experiences to put on your bucket list. Until you can make it happen, load up on fireworks for your own Independence Day celebration at


Japanese Firework Art Poster

old japanese firework poster Japanese Firework Art Poster

Japanese art in the 17th - 19th centuries featured a distinctive aesthetic that is still copied on many woodblock prints and ukiyo-e inspired posters today. Artists associated with this genre were known to recreate the beauty of flora and fauna, Japanese life, landscapes and other popular themes with a focus on geometric shapes and angles – this lovely vintage firework poster is a good example. The retro style still holds a strong influence over the “idea” of Japanese art and will be linked forever to the culture.

Even without the “reality” of a photograph, this old firework post sets the mood for enjoying family, friends and fireworks in a beautiful venue. At, we have a large selection of fireworks that can enliven the night skies this summer. From aerial fireworks that burst overhead into blooming flowers to fountains of light that spark up from the ground, you can find all your favorites and discover new fireworks to make memories that will last a lifetime – just like art!


Date Ideas for the 4th of July

will you go off with me firework Date Ideas for the 4th of July

Independence Day is on its way and there are so many ways to celebrate the freedom and opportunity this great nation affords – and pay tribute to the founders and forefathers who have made this the greatest place to live on Earth. Because the 4th of July is such a special time to honor America and all it’s given my family, I like to arrange a special date day or night (or both) with my spouse. We can reminisce about the past and make plans for our future – as well as have some fun. Here are my top ideas for a July 4th date night:

Small Town Exploring – Jump in the car and visit a quaint small town and soak in all the Americana that these places provide. Go antiquing, stroll up and down Main Street, enjoy the holiday happenings and treat you and your honey to old-fashioned ice cream cone while sitting in the park gazebo.

Dusk Dip in the Pool – It’s often so blistering hot during mid-day in July, that the only time to enjoy the swimming pool is in the evening. Suit up in your trunks or bikini and hop in a float; if you swim long enough, you can watch the firework shows from the water.

Barbeque & Burgers – Fire up the grill and throw on your favorite hunk of meat. Nothing says outdoor summer entertaining and easy-peasy (yet still impressive) dinner than a smoked brisket or gourmet hamburgers and brauts.

Fireworks Under the Stars – Lay out a picnic blanket at your local firework show and lay back to watch the beautiful, patriotic fireworks explode over head – it’s a really great perspective. Pack a cooler with a bottle of wine and a couple take-away servings of a fabulous dessert from a nearby bakery. If you’d rather do all this in your backyard, you’ll have to be near a firework show or put it on yourself – check out for all your pyrotechnic supplies.



Don’t be a Neighbor Hater, But . . . .

neighbor hater firework Dont be a Neighbor Hater, But . . . .

Although we would never suggest “hating” your neighbor, there are times when it is hard to love the people on the other side of the fence. Loud parties, unsightly lawns, keeping unusual hours and company, letting dogs poop in your grass without cleaning it up, snatching your newspaper or even putting a damper on your holiday fun – these are all reasons that it is often hard to appreciate your neighbor as an awesome person.

As a tongue-in-cheek tribute to the next-door ne’er-do-well, we suggest setting off these fun fireworks. Now, unless you are inviting retaliation or a call from the cops, we at suggest being the BETTER neighbor and shooting them off in a remote location!

Not In My Yard – This massive 500 gram cake shoots off 16 assertive shots that are sure to get your “don’t tread on me” attitude across!

Cage Fight – You might want to battle your unruly neighbor in the ring, but it’s probably better off just to blast off this 200 gram cake.

Snake Chaser – That’s right, set this 500 gram fountain off and send the serpents slithering right into the bushes and trees next door.

Denied – While the buddy thing might not be happening, you can address his bad behavior with this quiet-time revoking assault of fireworks with a loud report and lots of shots.


Grande Finale Fireworks

grande finale fireworks Grande Finale Fireworks

A “grande finale” can be thought of as an over-the-top ending to entertainment, a punctuation mark to a great performance, and a “ratchet it up” to “wind I down” display of awesomeness.  Most people associate grand finales with Broadway style shows, marching band performances, circus parades, rock concerts and other impressive endings – but don’t forget that firework shows also have grande finales.

It’s easy to add a memorable grand finale to your DIY firework show. Beginner firework enthusiasts can purchase reloadable shell fireworks that come with an assortment of effects – one of our most popular is the Excalibur.  This bad-boy finale element comes with 24 reloadable shells that will amaze and delight your friends and family – expect a huge round of applause when you get finished with this one! Another great way to end a firework show is with one of the larger “repeater” style fireworks, such as 750 shot Saturn Missle – yes, that’s right, more than SEVEN HUNDRED noisy shots will have your backyard hopping for a good long while!

More advanced pyrotechnic hobbyists can string together their favorite fireworks with firework fuse – check out our supplies for getting the job done.  Don’t worry about rushing around to find a fleeting firework stand on the roadside, at, you can get grand finale fireworks and firework fuse any time of the day or night – and from the convenience of your own home. Get loaded up know before the Fourth of July rush!


Gift Dad with DIY Father’s Day Fireworks Show

fathers day fireworks Gift Dad with DIY Fathers Day Fireworks Show

Father’s Day is coming up this very next weekend – wait, what?! You forgot?  This tribute to dads takes place every year on the 3rd Sunday in June and is a day to let your pops know is he is tops. Celebrate dad all day long; let him sleep in as long as desired, fuel up with a hearty breakfast and then plan a daytime activity you all can do together – golfing, fishing, swimming or even just relaxing in the backyard with a cooler of beer. Just because the daylight ends doesn’t mean the celebration shouldn’t end – honor dad with a backyard firework show when night falls.

Of course, most dads we know get way more enjoyment out of actually shooting off the fireworks themselves than just sitting back and watching from a lawn chair. So, we have a great idea; put together a DIY Fireworks Show as a Father’s Day gift.  Trust us, being gifted with a box full of awesome fireworks and pyrotechnic supplies is so much better than getting yet another tacky tie or “funny” coffee mug that will never be used. Even if you (ahem) procrastinated on your Father’s Day gift shopping, can get it to you in time, with 24 hours’ notice. Just check out our shipping policies for details. In the meantime, consider these father-approved fireworks for his big day:

Diablo – This mega-loaded artillery shell will delight even the most devilish dad!

Black Cat Firecrackers – Old school, but still cool!

Loud and Nasty -   A rapid succession of fiery shots and noise; trust us – dad will relate!

One Bad Mother  - This powerful, high-performing 500 gram cake is just what one bad father needs!

Night Display Assortment – This top notch collection of fireworks is sure to impress even the dad who has everything.


Get Fired Up for the Fourth of July – 5 Must-Have Fireworks

flag fireworks Get Fired Up for the Fourth of July – 5 Must Have Fireworks

The Fourth of July is a day filled with plenty traditions. For my family it almost rivals Halloween or Christmas in the amount of decorations and holiday bling. We hang a flag, head to the neighborhood parade and then take a refreshing swim at the creek. Of course, meat is barbequed, a watermelon is sliced and cold beers are passed around for supper – when it finally gets dark, the fun really starts. It wouldn’t be the 4th of July without a down home firework show in our own backyard. Consumer pyrotechnics are our passion and these are some that we’ve enjoyed year after year – I hope you do too! You can stock up on these fireworks and others at

Black Cat Bottle Rockets  - these are some of the best in the category with more than 50mg pyrotechnic powders. Bam!

Sky Lanterns – This unique product lends a dramatic touch to your event as they float up, up and away.

Neon Sparklers – Everyone loves the wholesome fun of a sparkler; this set kicks up the action with exciting neon bright colors.

Gatlin Pack Roman Candles – Get the party started and keep it going with these high-performing fireworks that shoot out 8 shots per piece (four different colors).

Excalibur – This is the granddaddy of all fireworks and makes an impressive grand finale to celebrate a special night.